The heart-mind is boundless.

Once you've become true allies,

there is no distinction between

arrival and departure.

– Dao-Sentiment River –

The Mizong mystics down in town talk about Great Surrender.

Fools in the tavern overhear this and think this means: "Go mindless."

Those vagabonds cook up all sorts of ways to justify

"tying their boat" to any ol' shimmering thing passing by.

The real wayfarers have sampled it all and handed it back.

They can tell you to your face without blinking:

It's all empty. Taste every morsel to your heart's content.

Just know: It still leads you right back to where you started.

I'm not telling you not to enjoy yourself

as you move through this House of Smoke and Mirrors.

Even Crazy Cloud used to say: Have a drink, get laid, you're only human.

But two-legged dragons from the mountains

and peacocks down in the jungle

are masters because they're free from impulsive supping.

If they enter at all, they enter fully, like Jesus' Last Supper.

They've taken-in all pleasures,

imbibed all the poisons of forgetfulness,

and transmuted them from solids into vapors

through the luminous mesh of the Rainbow Body.

You'll know such a one because they don't enter anything lightly.

No matter the sweetness of the honey dripping from the hook,

they bypass 'the dangling'

and go straight to the heart of things.

Having drunk from the Deep Draught of Memory,

and seen back to the time when you and I

were known by names like

Autumn Traveling Coat

and Bright-Integrity Radiance Mountain,

there's no turning back for me, you see.

I'm just a Zen cowboy

whose horse

was shot out

from under him.

But I can tell you this.

If you have the chance

in this life

to cross paths

with a maestro

of the Bright-Knowledge,

even if you're left

wandering by the roadside,

it will be enough.

Sit knee-to-knee with them,

and brace yourself for the questions

that will change your whole life,


Are you really 'in' your life?

What are you inhabiting?

Are your days about new vistas of understanding

or are you being vanquished

by illusions you've taken to be reality?

One of the poems appearing in the Fall 2019 Homebound Publications release of The Temple of Warm Harmony.

(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen /

sound: Dharma Rain / Chronotope Project

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