a poem about meditation / from an evolving collection entitled Sun Lake Moon

There is a world

beneath the world.

A ‘world’


the ‘world’.

There is a world

behind the world.

A ‘world’


the ‘world’.

There is a world

inside the world.

A ‘world’


the ‘world’.

There is an inner world

out of reach of the outer one

and when a traveler goes there

it is the sensation

of standing

on the soft ocean floor

peering up at sunlit waves.

The surface is moved

and moving

by the weather

of emotion



In the depths

there is a stillness

that knows no want or disturbance;

only bounty

slow motion


You are not a foreigner there.

Your passport has not been revoked.

You are not an exile.

There are no walls

or guards

separating you.

Cross over the demarcation.

Climb the great inward-downward.

Transcend the dividing line.

You are no longer a refugee.

The Great Spirit of Being

has granted you


and given you

a golden key

to the rest of the city.

(c) 2018 / Frank LaRue Owen / purelandpoetry.com

sound: Mercurius / from Mercurius / Steve Roach