You have two sets of eyes --

the physical ones

and the vast eyes

placed within you

by the spirit land

through which you move.


You may think

the rocks and trees from your land of birth

are just rocks and trees of your land of birth


but your second set of eyes are on loan from them

by unseen fearless things around you

that you can never fully understand.


If you awake one day

with tired spirit eyes,

pay heed;

that's a different type of fatigue --


a signal arriving

from your own ground of being

telling you in no uncertain terms

that a big rusted lock

is about to be busted open within you.


The question The Teacher will ask

on the path between mountain top and parking lot:


Are you brave enough

to embrace what awaits

on the other side of the door?

(c) 2017 / Pure Land Poetry / Frank LaRue Owen /

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