I arose today in the early dark --

felt my own animal-soul stirring


with it

the animal I had eaten days ago

stirring within me also.


A salmon

caught in open water

who’d been fighting current and tide

to make it once again

to where fresh water from the inland river

pours out like an apex of prayers

into the salt sea.


As I gazed out

at the rising light of the salmon-colored dawn

I saw

what every Salish hunter has known before me:


in such receiving - obligation

from such feasting - inheritance

through such bodily-merging - a direction-change to one's own swim-line.



every task with which I engage

I must honor the life-trajectory I took from him.


While crazy-sounding to busy white men's ears,

this listening intently to the body has taught me


we store stories

deep within our cells

that churn and course through us

then flow outward to the surface of the skin


and what we choose to feast on

or mindlessly take in

tips the great scales of our life

in ways we can't comprehend.

(c) 2017 / Frank LaRue Owen / purelandpoetry.com

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