The Temple of Warm Harmony is now available at Homebound Publications, and at fine booksellers.


Frank is a true man of the Great Way. A contemplative poet of the highest rank, breathing out poetry with each exhalation. The Temple of Warm Harmony is an act of devotion, a spiritual roadmap of the Way.

— Andō, Zen poet, writer and mentor —


These poems are guideposts, some freshly-painted on roadside signs, others etched onto rocks we may have to dig a little through the underbrush to discover. The digging is the key. “Right outside your door is a wonderworld,” Owen reminds us. His words are an excellent companion for the exploration.

Chris La Tray, Chippewa-Cree Métis, author of One-Sentence Journal: Short Poems and Essays from the World at Large, winner of the 2018 Montana Book Award


A book to revisit any time you feel disconnected from living in a way that makes you glad to be breathing.

— Heidi Barr —

Co-founder of 12 Tiny Things

author of Prairie Grown, Woodland Manitou, and What Comes Next


Each poem in this gorgeous book outdoes the next. Frank LaRue Owen’s work is lyrical and wise, overflowing with spirit and soul, delicate but tough. This collection is, indeed, a temple of warm harmony, built word by word from love.

— Jennifer Heath —

Founder/Director, baksun books & arts,

author of A House White with Sorrow and On the Edge of Dream: The Women of Celtic Myth and Legend

A few of the poems that appear

in The Temple of Warm Harmony

(Homebound Publications)